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* Please note once your reading is scheduled you will be emailed the address here in Brantford for In Person or Online instructions. This link or address will be sent to the email you booked with.

*Must be 19 years of age to work with Amanda Drago at Natural Being.


Amanda is both a psychic and medium who uses her abilities to bring forward evidence of the continuation of the soul as well as healing messages and evidence of her connection. Amanda will say things that she could not have known or could have found out.

During a Psychic reading Amanda will use clairvoyance to see, clairsentience to feel, claircognizance to know and clair- audience to hear. She will connect directly with your energy to bring forward various impressions. You are more than welcome to come with specific questions.


Mediumship is about connecting to the other side and spirit. Amanda will connect with passed loved ones and friends to bring forward evidential messages of the continuation of the soul. Often times your loved ones personality, appearance, memories and events from the past will be brought forward.  


A blended reading is a mix of both psychic messages and impressions as well as connection to the other side. Amanda will welcome in messages from spirit and will tune into messages from the body, soul and aspects from your life that are in play.

Partner Or Group Readings are available. Please contact to inquire or schedule.


Animal communication is connection with our passed loved ones who are animals. The strong bond that is formed between us is never broken even after transitioning to the other side. Amanda often has pets come forward during mediumship readings from across the rainbow bridge to bring forward healing messages as well as evidence that their soul still continues on.


Amanda uses her abilities to help locate missing animals and people to bring closure or resolution and sometimes both. Giving Back: Psychic Detection. Please contact for more information/schedule session.

Blue Skies

Intuitive Readings

Psychic Reading Or




60 Minutes

In Person


The mediumship reading is often a very powerful healer and an ease of grief.  You will know Amanda is connecting directly to your loved ones on the other side by the descriptions of who she sees, their personality, emotions, past events, memories or objects that she will be shown. Amanda always communicates what she is given from spirit from a place of honesty and compassion.


Psychic Reading 


45 Minutes

In Person


Usually during psychic readings what is in play, choices, next moves or your path will usually come to the fore front. Sometimes the past will be explored, the present or  future timelines and plans may be highlighted. This reading is truly tailored to whatever needing to come forward will.


Blended Reading (Both Psychic and Mediumship connections)



75 Minutes 

In Person


A harmonious combination of both the psychic reading and mediumship. Whatever needs to be focused upon will naturally take the lead in this read.

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