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Intuitive Development Mentoring

Have you wanted to explore the other side, spirit or develop your intuition? Have you felt compelled to learn more about your “gut” feelings or the signs you are getting? Do you want to expand upon your reiki practice? Grow your abilities with practical exercises, support and guidance with 1:1 intuitive development training with Psychic Medium Amanda Drago.

Psychic Development

The gut feeling that just keeps nagging you. A bird, numbers, or coins that repeatedly

continue to show up in a strange way. Knowing that something will happen before it

does. Hearing your name being called or other things that other people don't hear.

Seeing visions, shadows or mists that only you can see. This is called intuition and

our clair-senses help us to discern. Everyone has clair-senses but not everyone has

them opened and tuned. This is just one aspect that Amanda will cover during the

mentoring process. Expect to receive practical exercises to strengthen your natural

abilities. A tailored session that will focus on expansion, connection of the 3rd Eye

and Crown chakra, meditation techniques, remote viewing, channeling, automatic

writing, spirit guides, psychic scans will be studied and practiced. 

Mentoring is a wonderful introduction to intuitive development for those with little training or experience or for those who want to take their practice to the next level personally or professionally.

Each session is personally tailored for you and will provide a foundation for the next session. Intuition and spirit energy is fluid and flexible and will help guide you along your mentoring journey.


This is focused mentoring establishing and expanding clear connection with your spirit

guides and those who are in spirit on the other side. Expect to explore but not limited

to: clearly understanding where you are getting your messages from, automatic writing,

meditation techniques to connect, creating strong spiritual boundaries by learning how

to turn on and off your connection. Expect to have practical exercises and readings.

Learning to trust yourself and your abilities go hand in hand and practical experience

builds a strong foundation. 

 Mentoring is offered as 4 half-hour sessions OR 4 hour sessions, OR Individual 75 minute sessions. These sessions take place online via Zoom Video conferencing at the scheduled time as well as In Person. 

*Please Note all sessions are Eastern Standard Time


Nurturing and growing a reiki practice is quite beautiful and dynamic. The

transformations, shifts, release, surrender, compassion and healing that encompass

reiki are truly life changing for both the practitioner and client. This mentoring is for

someone who would like to further grow their reiki practice and grow their intuition.

A refresher of what you have learned during your reiki classes as well as focusing on

the chakras, chakra system, the aura, how intuitive hits and impressions are felt

during a session. *Please note the perquisite of Level 1 Usui Reiki certification.

*If you are interested in taking reiki the next Level 1 class is on

Saturday May 4th from 9-5.  

If you are uncertain if mentoring is the right fit, I'd love to

introduce myself, and learn more about you as well. Once this meeting

is scheduled you will receive the zoom link with passcode.


After your first mentoring session is scheduled you 

will receive an email with your Zoom login 

passcode and any other details or the address of the session here in Brantford, ON.



(4) 30 ​Minute Sessions



(4) 60 Minute Sessions



Individual 90 Minute

Mentoring Session


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